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  • Laura Patrick

Studio Engagement Session At The White Room | Krista + Stephen

If you’re planning on taking your engagement photos during the winter, a studio engagement session is a great location to beat the cold. Stephen and Krista wanted to showcase their love for cooking during their engagement session so we chose a space that included a small kitchen to help them make this happen! It was such a unique session and it was held at The White Room in Lancaster, PA. The White Room is great for couples looking a naturally lit minimal and versatile space.

Intimate Studio Engagement Session

Their intimate cooking engagement session consisted of making a beautiful, fresh meal together, a little wine, lots of laughter, and some snuggles along the way. I've known Stephen for over 17 years which is absolutely wild to me. He is one of my husband's best friends and he was a groomsmen in our wedding back in 2009. To say I was thrilled to capture this special time in his life is an understatement! He and Krista met each other on Bumble and their love story is a special one. The sweet tender love that they share is truly inspiring. The way that they serve each other and speak so highly of each other just shows how deep their love goes!

If you love cooking and want inspiration for your engagement shoot, you don't want to miss these images from Krista & Stephen's engagement shoot at The White Room Lancaster, PA.


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