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Inner Light Botanicals Branding Session : Product Photography : Beauty : Laura Patrick Photography

I wanted to introduce y'all to another amazing small business owner whom I had the absolute honor of working with to showcase her amazing beauty products.  Say hello to Mandee from Inner Light Botanicals!  Mandee is such a gem of a person and she has a heart that just shines from the inside out.  She glows y'all!  Here is some of her story taken right from her website over at Inner Light Botanicals

"3 years ago, it started with just body scrubs and bath salts, but Inner Light Botanicals Creator, Founder & Lightworker, Mandee Metzger, wanted to do more. She wanted to expand her product line and feel completely aligned with her brand. Which means, she wanted every part of her product line to speak to her and to others, she wanted it to be MORE than just skincare, to be a combination of her passions and positivity that she wanted to share with the world.

She wanted to create skincare that would brighten someone’s day, who would brighten another person’s day, and would help make this world a brighter place to live in. It would inspire and empower.

And she did just that.

This isn’t just about skincare. Inner Light Botanicals is a skincare + lifestyle brand for the earth- and energy- conscious. Yogi-inspired and based on the idea of Ayurvedic routine, it combines many of Mandee’s passions into one good-vibe package that helps you use the space of time during your skincare routine to create positive movement in your life, creating positive thoughts and getting out of those negative thought cycles."

I would love to meet with you to discuss capturing photos for your business!  Take a look at some of the magic we created with Mandee below:

These are such a small sampling of the photos that Mandee received from our session together! I would love to make your vision for your business come to life.


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