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  • Laura Patrick

Capturing the Joy: A Stunning Gender Reveal Maternity Photo Session at White Cliffs of Conoy Marietta, PA | Alexa + Jordan

Alexa and Jordan wanted a unique gender reveal photo session at the very place where they got engaged several years before. The White Cliffs of Conoy in Marietta, Pa are a must see spot if you love the outdoors and love hiking. The cliffs themselves are a beautiful white limestone and they overlook the Susquehanna River.

When Alexa and Jordan told me they were expecting a little one and wanted me to be the one to reveal the baby's gender to them... y'all I was so honored! Alexa had the gender reveal email sent to me after she had her bloodwork done and I found a cute little baby announcement card for them to read when we did the reveal. They thought they were going to have a little girl so you can imagine their surprise when they opened it to read "It's a BOY!"

There were tears, laughter, surprise, and disbelief. It was such a special thing to be a part of. I just love this sweet little family and helping my clients to create and experience such sweet memories is just the best job ever.

You aren't going to want to miss these super sweet images of this special gender reveal photo session.

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