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Moody Marriage Anniversary Photo Shoot at Twin Brook Retreat | Michelle + Josh

Michelle and Josh reached out to me to help them create a meaningful and moody marriage anniversary photo shoot at Twin Brook Retreat in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. They both put on their groom suit and bridal gown to recreate their wedding day. We used Josh's truck to give it the most rustic and intimate feel and the photos came out stunning!

Marriage Anniversary Photo Shoot Details

Michelle decorated the back of Josh's car white linen drapes, eucalyptus, and candles to create the perfect ambience for the shoot. There was even a polaroid camera for them to capture some fun memories with, and a bottle of champagne to pop for a fun celebration!

Moody Anniversary Shoot Inspiration

We met up at their wedding venue, Twin Brook Retreat, and found a fun spot to park the truck and set up their moody anniversary photo session look. The cloudy day lended us an even more moody photo vibe and we captured photos even as the sun went down with all the candles that Michelle had brought. We had the most fun time celebrating their marriage anniversary!

Are you looking to have a shoot like this? Let's start planning now! Reach out to me through the contact form here to schedule your moody anniversary photo shoot today!

Laura Patrick Photography | Pennsylvania Lifestyle Photographer

Here are some more photos from their moody wedding anniversary photo session:


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